About Us

At Gifto’s, our story began in 1968 in the vibrant streets of Southall, London where we started as an ethnic grocery store.

Founded by Arshad Mohammed and Abdul Rahman, Gifto’s was born as an Asian grocery store for migrants in the UK, offering the finest spices and groceries from the landscapes of India and Pakistan. Our roots in quality and passion for authentic flavours have propelled us through the years, transforming Gifto’s into more than just a restaurant.

In 1994, Gifto’s took a leap into the world of Southeast Asian cuisine, opening its doors as a restaurant. What started as a 100-seater restaurant can now house up to 400 guests under one roof. Our commitment to service and attention to detail remains unparalleled, ensuring every guest experiences a dining journey that is second to none.

At Gifto’s, each dish is a captivating masterpiece, crafted with the finest homemade masalas and a thoughtful selection of perfect spices. We use fresh vegetables and succulent cuts of meat which come together to create irresistible and authentic flavours that infuse magic into our karahi and grills. Our commitment to quality and an unwavering passion for excellence ensures that Gifto’s delivers nothing short of an extraordinary experience for your palate.

Driven by a hunger to share our flavours far and wide, Gifto’s has expanded into the Middle East while staying true to our principles and commitment to excellence in food and customer service. Immerse yourself in an experience of Indo-Pak flavours – authentic, consistent and heartwarming; where each bite is a nostalgic journey that transports you back home.

Gifto’s is not just a restaurant; it’s a testament to our journey from a small grocery store to a culinary legacy. As you explore our menu, you’re not just selecting dishes; you’re choosing a piece of history, a blend of tradition and innovation that promises to delight your taste buds and make every meal a memorable experience. Join us at Gifto’s and let the flavours speak for themselves.

Our clients tell us how our recipes are full of flavour, and consistent every time. The Gifto’s service is attentive and fast as all our food is cooked live in our theatre kitchen. The freshest ingredients, bring to you a taste unlike any other.

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