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162-164 The Broadway, Southall, UB1 1NN

020 8813 8669

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The Observer

GIFTO's Lahore Karahi is the jewel in Southall's crown.

The Independent

Hot spots - GIFTO'S Lahore Karahi - To a manic bhangra beat reverberating off the marble floors and around.. the Lahore Karahi & Tandoori pulsed with mainly Asian family life.

Evening Standard Magazine

The next time unreliable airlines leave you stranded at Heathrow with several hours to kill, take heart. Brace yourself for the GIFTO'S Lahore Karahi. Here they've learned the lesson of the fast food multinationals - they do a simple thing consistently well. You'll find freshly grilled, well-spiced meats and exceptionally good breads, curries, and dishes from Lahore

Eating Out

Matthew Fort experiences one of hits eyes-bigger-than stomach moments at GIFTO's

Evening Standard

Forget the old cliches about Indian food. Tim Burke takes a trip to Southall in search of the real thing. The daily making of fresh curry paste and rich marinades is Southall's key ingredient. The GIFTO'S Lahore Karahi prepares a soft marinade of yoghurt, oil and spices for chicken meat, a more zestful use of chilli for the lamb and a delicate blend for their fish. One of the joys of this restaurant is the open kitchen; here you can watch fast-working chefs prepare..


Featured under London's best cafes and restaurants Time Out 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

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